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Added by popular demand ! Now you can enjoy and travel without worrying about unfinished bags. Bring along to your next vacation spot. Airbnb, camping, RV or just want to have backup.

A great GIFT for your coffee lovers ! Comes already ground and ready for your French Press,  Pour-over or however you enjoy preparing.

 1.50 oz bag 

4 cups 

Fills a 4- cup French Press

Total CBD 60 milligrams

15mg  per 8 oz cup

Start your day brighter and tastier . Save your money from your go-to coffee shop's average coffees.  Enjoy the fresh roast of Got Hempsa on the road anytime! 

Imagine not having to wait and hope to find a decent coffee on the road. Got Hempsa traveler packs is the way to go on the road!

Travel Pack Coffee

$11.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
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