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Your morning dark roast brew never tasted so smooth and delicious! Got Hempsa's proprietary dark roast blend was created for Hempsa dark roast lovers by request. Each cup tastes better than the last! Who wouldn't mind a bit of elevated focus & clarity - No jitters - No tummy aches . Not your typical dark roast bean. Enjoyed for it's low acidity and full flavor pulling Savory, Smoky, Milk Chocolate and Vanilla to your tongue! Each serving yields 20 mg broad spectrum hemp CBD and a smile to the last sip. Enjoy many cannabinoids such as CBG & CBN. contains NO THC. Contains 500mg broad spectrum in each 12oz bag. Organically grown Colorado hemp! Start your days with a healthier and tastier brew that is delicious on it's own! Get rid of the unnecessary calories of sugars and creamers! 

Our customers choose Got Hempsa Dark Roast over others!


Hempsa Dark Roast House Blend

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