We’re so excited to offer you a high quality Colombian coffee beans infused with organically grown Colorado Hemp.  

Taste the smoothness of a rich flavor , a medium to dark roast although not interrupted by any other taste. Exactly! No funky aftertaste from hemp. Our beans are "infused" at roasting porcess. Leaving no bitterness behind. Start your day with a great tasting 8oz cup of Hempsa CBD Colombian coffee today! According to many Hempsa sippers, they prefer Hempsa over their usual brew.

This contains NO THC. 

"Sip the Brew You Wish to Share"

Got Hempsa Coffee 625 MG

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  • To open cut just below the top ridge evenly across . To close securely "fold" down and secure with the side by tucking the piece into the fold. The air released as you fold down and a tight close will ensure longer fresh brew!

    Enjoy as a daily cup or two!