We’re so excited to offer you a smooth and flavorful medium-dark roast with lower acidity, organic Colombian coffee infused with organically grown Colorado hemp!

Your stomach will thank you for making the switch. No stomach discomfort. No anxious feeling. Just an elevated clearity and focus leaving you feeling happier. Some even say their back aches and bad moods got much better!

Everybod"sy absorbsorption rate differs of course. This contains NO THC. 


We look forward to sharing  #1 Organic Hemp infused Colombian coffee with you!


Got Hempsa Coffee 375 MG CBD

  • Unfortunately, Coffee can not be returned, refunded or exchanged

  • To open cut just below the top ridge evenly across . To close securely "fold" down and secure with the side by tucking the piece into the fold. The airis  released as you fold down and a firm close will ensure longer fresh brew!

    Enjoy as a daily cup or two!