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About Us

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Got Hempsa, created by Cara Sherman, was conceived during a massage treatment she was giving when the “light bulb” went on.  Prior to Caras massage career, which started in 1989, was always impressed by natures’ remedies for illnesses as minor as your average headache and muscle aches. Starting off with pure essentials oils from plants and herbs in the early 1990s proved with Cara‘s clients the improvement of their skin, bronchitis, muscle aches and stiffness, eczema and more dissipated!
Always a fan of the cannabis plant, Cara started experimenting by adding this to her massage oils for clients who were open to receiving at that time.  It was not “out” in the market as it is today.  My clients were expressing they felt a bit “deeper” relaxation in their  body.  Their skin felt softer and looked better.

Cara was already working in the Hemp industry with different companies always educating herself along the way.
Through her massage treatments, clients experience improved sleep, more mobility in their joints and less inflammation.  Younger athletic clients are performing better due to their bodies elevated healing and welcoming of CBD. Hemp CBD became the “spotlight massage”.  From there high-quality, organic and vegan Full Spectrum Hemp skin care products and apparel that follow the #1 Hemp Infused Coffee Roaster in the United States!

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