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Coffee Tree Harvesting
"We Sip the Brew We Wish to Share"

 Organic Colombian CBD Coffee 

Two Pack Bundle 25% Saving!

Hempsa House Dark Blend Two Pack offers an intense and flavorful dark roast blend that will give you a kick of energy and satisfaction to help take on the day. With two bags for one low price, you can stock up for days ahead and save money at the same time! Get creative with the ways you brew it too – from espresso shots to French press plunges, there’s something for everyone here at Hempsa House. So go ahead… grab some warm Joe and make all your wildest Cups come true. Life is too short for weak coffee, so start your day off right with our high-quality Hempsa House Dark Blend.



Got Hempsa CBD Coffee
Available in our re-branded flat bottom bags The Best tasting Hemp infused Coffee 500mg Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp   
Love Your cuppa morning brew BUT..
don't like the jitters and the upset belly aches? You're in the right place!


WHY - HOW COME COFFEE & CBD?.... At first, I thought “how oxymoron“! 

How can CBD and coffee make sense together?!

 CBD brings a calming effect on our body. 

Well, coffee gives most of us the opposite, a stimulant to our body.

You might wonder, Why and how can CBD and Coffee be a good match?

Research has shown that we have a very important system in our body called the Endocannabinoid system. And their receptors take on the molecule CBD and brings a calming feeling to our body.

Well for the opposite, we drink coffee for the “wake up” feeling.

Caffeine is being used in the mornings and evenings by those who work long hours and want that stimulant from their brew. But!, did we want to feel anxious and jittery?

Most people say they love the taste and ritual of making their favorite brew but on the other hand, they settle for what they don’t want in their coffee.

The “B” word - Bitterness, yuk! And high acidity that most times than not leaving our tummies feeling like it’s being ripped apart and left with that angst jittery feeling. Hempsa CBD-infused Colombian coffee not only is a low acidity roast but also creates calmness and inner peace with no jittery feeling and by helping to balance the caffeine in your body leaving you with a calmer and yet focused and easy feeling to the start of a great day! 

When I first started sipping on Hempsa CBD-infused coffee, I started feeling more focused in my mind and my nerves were NOT feeling frazzled. My attention span was greatly heightened so that I was able to complete one task at a time rather than trying to do all 10 tasks at once and failing to complete any. We are all different and take care of ourselves differently. Try switching to Hempsa organic CBD-infused Colombian coffee today and let us know what you think. How has it helped you in your busy lifestyle where the only time you have is to feel good! 

Start loving your “new” morning brew , Hempsa CBD Coffee and tell us your story or experience. 

Our Mission

Our female founder came up with the name "Hempsa" coming from a combination of the Hamsa hand and the hemp plant.

We love the meaning of the Hamsa Hand, bringing together Universal Love, Healing, Protection, and Universal One-ness.


The hemp plant is also known as our Universal Plant & Together we bring One Love, One Protector, and Universal miracle.

We promise by taking pride in our products and customer service, friends and family You will always receive the highest quality of organic Colombian coffee beans and organically grown Colorado hemp. We value each and every one of you and transparency is what we bring to your table. Hempsa CBD products.

 Got Hempsa

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